Troops raid Boko Haram illegal market, kill four terrorists in Borno

When the 21 Amoured Brigade Bama raided a Boko Haram-run black market that had been set up on the outskirts of Bama Local Government Area in Borno State’s northeast, the troops killed four terrorists.

When the military encountered the terrorists on Monday while conducting clearance operations at an unofficial market in Dambia also known as Markas, a significant win was scored over the terrorists.

Upon spotting the forces, the terrorists reportedly opened fire, but the rebels were eventually brought under control by the troops, according to sources who spoke to Zagazola Makama, a counter-insurgency expert and security analyst in Lake Chad.

Four BH/ISWAP terrorists were immediately neutralized during the heated fight, while others fled into the jungle in response to the superior gunfire, the man added.

According to the sources, four women who were allegedly the terrorists’ wives were hurt in the crossfire. However, they were sent to Bama General Hospital for medical attention.

On July 25, eight Boko Haram militants who had shown remorse for their actions were also murdered and one was injured by an unexploded improvised explosive device (IED), apparently while transacting business with other terrorists in the market over scrap metal.

The collaborators who provide the rebels from the Gazuwa camp with food like corn, beans, salt, Maggi, and other non-food goods like clothing, gasoline, and drugs continue to help them.

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