Osimhen’s Sister, In-Law Drag Napoli Striker Over Alleged N217m Debt

The Napoli star has come under fire from Esther Okolo, the older sister of striker Victor Osimhen, and her husband, Osita Okolo, over an alleged €69,000 and $439,000 (N217m) debt.

Osimhen, according to Esther, owes her husband, the striker’s brother-in-law, money that he has allegedly refused to refund.

Esther, who was visibly moved, described how her younger brother stole money that had been deposited into her husband’s account with the promise of paying it back and how the striker had abandoned her family after becoming famous.

“My brother Victor Osimhen claimed that my husband was failing to assist us, and that is accurate. because I had to take out a loan to start the business I am currently in. In a recent Instagram live chat with media personality Daddy Freeze, Esther remarked, “I am not asking he should help me because he said he won’t help me.

“I have no issue with that; all I ask is that he give my husband his money. Even my other siblings are unwilling to assist us in getting the money back. As I speak to you, Daddy Freeze, I have no hope.

Esther continued, “I don’t want problems; all I ask is that Victor give my husband his money. I know he worked hard for it; there is proof, but my family won’t accept the truth. He should give my husband what is rightfully his because he is battling for it.

Esther claimed that the Super Eagles star striker’s issue with him was his advice to care for his still-poverty-stricken family.

She continued, “My husband has expressed criticism of the way Victor and his sisters live.”

Only outsiders are purchasing vehicles and constructing homes, while our family is struggling.

Osita also disclosed the error he committed that led to his terrible circumstance.

The money was deposited into Osita’s business account, but she regretted, “My worst error was to give it to him when he requested for it with the assurance he will pay back.”

The biggest error of my life was working with him with an open mind without realizing he had a plot against me.

Recall that Osita had earlier demanded payment from Osimhen in the amount of nearly $400,000.

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, Kayode Adeniji, the attorney for Okolo, a member of the group who first handled the negotiations that moved Osimhen from Lille to Napoli, stated that Osimhen was still owing money to his client.

“My client requests that he be given the money that was agreed upon with the agent, William D’Avila, for the sale of Osimhen to Napoli.

Osimhen, whom he gave a sum of 400 thousand dollars and later 70 thousand euros for private reasons, must also pay money to Okolo.

Okolo has not received this money back. The legal action against D’Avila and Osimhen began at this point. Right now, my client wants a deal he made with Osimhen to be acknowledged.

“And that is for the money’s return. There was a contract in place at the time of the sale from Lille to Napoli that specified payment in Okolo’s favor.

“This understanding was not upheld. Victor and I don’t want to engage in a physical altercation because we want him to remain committed to Napoli and his personal matters.

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