NUGA Partners NBF, Brings Boxing To Nigerian Campuses

NUGA Partners NBF

NUGA Partners NBF, Brings Boxing To Nigerian Campuses …

The Nigeria Boxing Federation (NBF), in what has been called a defense plan and real sporting endeavor for students, promises to assist the Nigerian University Games (NUGA) in establishing sports in the country’s universities prior to the NUGA Games in Jos in 2024.

According to the NBF, the addition of boxing to the Nigerian University Games occurs at a pivotal moment for the Nigerian economy. The federation intends to send potential athletes and coaches on a training tour of Nigerian universities.

On August 1, 2022, Mr. Emeka Ogbu, President of NUGA, Azania Omo-Agege, Vice President of NBF, and Prof. Musa Garba Yakassai, Technical Chairman of NUGA, convened a news conference in Abuja to announce the cooperation.

Omo-Agege commended NUGA for helping to facilitate what he sees as the best course of action for the development of boxing in Nigeria.

“The federation believes that this would help us uncover and develop future champions and bring back Olympic glory to Nigeria, so we are excited about this endeavor,” he said.

The NUGA President commended the partnership with NBF as a wonderful concept since it will let students focus their energies on boxing, deal with anti-social behavior, and teach female students self-defense techniques.

According to Ogbu, “sports are also a team-builder inside campuses by fostering friendships and giving our students and society a stage to provide the kids the opportunity to demonstrate their talent.”

Following a boxing exhibition at the most recent NUGA Games, which were held in March at the University of Lagos, NUGA Technical Chairman Prof. Yakasaiz stated that they had observed that many students were interested in the sport.

Boxing will compete with other combat sports including Taekwondo, Judo, and Karate, which are medal sports at NUGA, as the 18th medal sport at the 2024 University of Jos Games.

Given the depth of talent at the universities, he also encouraged Sunday Dare, the minister of sports, to support a policy that will make it necessary for Nigerian university students to be considered for selection for the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, and the All Africa Games in the future.

Both sides requested funding for this project from the Sports Ministry and both public and private donors.

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