Insecurity: Impeachment threat against Buhari is real – Senator Bassey

Impeachment threat against Buhari is real

Insecurity: Impeachment threat against Buhari is real – Senator Bassey!

The impeachment conspiracy against President Muhammadu Buhari is serious, according to Gershom Bassey, a senator from the Cross River Southern Senatorial District.

However, Bassey stated that the impeachment, which is the second half of the notice to the President, shouldn’t yet be the focus of attention in an interview with journalists yesterday in Calabar.

The first aspect of their threat, according to him, is that they aim to persuade the President to take immediate action within six weeks.

“I believe that the media has somehow missed the purpose of our activity. The goal is to guarantee our nation’s safety and security. To ensure safety and security in Nigeria, not yet impeached We have set a 6-week deadline by which we expect the executive branch, in particular Mr. President, to take action to improve national security. Our best chance of success is that the President will take action in response to what we say and do. All of the issues would have been resolved after six weeks. The emphasis should be on part one rather than part two. When we don’t succeed in part one, part two takes place.

In other words, if there is ongoing unrest without the kind of response we anticipate within these weeks, we move on to stage two, which is the actual impeachment process.

He said, “We are serious about the impeachment, but we will only get there if part one, actions against the crisis in our country, do not improve.

The Senator, who finished second in the PDP’s gubernatorial primary in the State, questioned why the Abuja-Kaduna train attack victims were still in detention while no one had been apprehended or made to answer for what took place in Kuje prison.

He lamented the President’s inability to take action to demonstrate his support for the people.

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