Gunmen kill vigilante, injure others in Katsina

Gunmen kill vigilante

Gunmen kill vigilante, injure others in Katsina …

When armed individuals attacked the Shola Quarters satellite community in Katsina town on Sunday morning, they shot and killed a guy only known as Abba.

A source claims that the gunmen also kidnapped a young couple and injured two community members during their operation.

The informant went on to say that the shooters arrived in the neighborhood on Saturday night and started their heinous deed on Sunday morning.

Abba, the deceased, belonged to a vigilante organization in the neighborhood when he was shot and killed.

The insider claimed that those shot by the gunman were fortunate to have survived being killed because they shoot at random.

He said that “the gunmen entered our community on Saturday night and interacted with locals. Around one in the morning, they started operating and started shooting randomly. We alerted security personnel, who subsequently showed up after the shooters had finished their mission and fled the area.

He grieved that because they were preoccupied with getting ready for Abba’s funeral, they were unable to count the objects that had been taken from their community.

SP When reached, Gambo Isah, the Katsina State Police Command’s spokesman, stated that their operatives were still engaged in operations and promised to provide more information when appropriate.

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