Disquiet in Lagos as Police Counter Terrorism officers ‘protect the rich’

Police Counter Terrorism officers ‘protect the rich’

Disquiet in Lagos as Police Counter Terrorism officers protect the rich …

The frequent sightings of Nigerian Police Force Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) personnel in Lagos have drawn attention.

On the surface, it does not appear that their presence is connected to thwarting terrorist activities.

To combat insurgency and horrific crimes, the CTU was created in 2007 to function as a full-fledged police division.

The unit is used in operations against terrorists, gang investigation, and defense of vital national assets.

In Lagos, employees wearing red berets can be seen offering escort services in various parts of the State.

While the nation struggles to curb the rising level of insecurity, residents are complaining about their attachment to “wealthy persons.”

Despite Nigeria’s ongoing war against terrorism, the commercial city has not had a significant incident.

A government employee who works in Ikeja commented, “I see CTU police virtually every day in Lagos and wonder why they are here.”

Even if they are in the State for a specific reason, he argued, “I don’t think it should involve chasing big men everywhere.”

However, the police refuted this claim and stated that the CTU was only tasked for tactical purposes.

The Special Protection Unit (SPU) is an element of the force that is in charge of bodily protection, according to Force Public Relations Officer Muyiwa Adejobi to ENTSTUFF.

“I am aware that certain individuals are guarded based on their rank. The CTU guards senior police officers engaged in certain tasks. This occurs as a result of the dangers inherent in their jobs. Therefore, if the CTU is with a person, that person must be high-risk. Despite the fact that they are specifically trained, we never employ them. The SPU is the department in charge of protecting authorized people.

Adejobi continued, “The CTU only safeguards particular people, installations, banks, airports, other government buildings, and assets.

Even though the police periodically announce the disengagement of CTU and SPU from individuals, the operators are hardly ever recalled or later reinstated.

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