BBN Season 7: Meet the Big Brother Naija Housemates for 2022

The names, profiles, and images of the Big Brother Naija 2022 housemates have been made public.

Big Brother Naija 2022 housemates

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The season housemates are listed below;


3 6

Groovy intends to advance by becoming as enjoyable and interesting as possible. He doesn’t intend to disregard any of Big Brother’s regulations. Wait and see if he keeps his promise.


3 5

Despite the fact that Beauty occasionally drinks a little too much, she still gets a 10! She believes that her honesty and “go with the flow” approach will get her through to the end.


3 4

As he promises to offer charisma, intelligence, and the ability to work as a team in the home, Khalid is prepared to take things to the next level. Will he starve his housemates, though, because he’s not the finest chef?


3 17

Ilebaye is not at this place to be idle. She pledges to bring Biggie’s House all the Gen-Z vigor. It would be a part of every day if she had her way!


3 16

Say hi to Cyph, the fifth housemate on Big Brother Naija Level Up. He reportedly enjoys experiencing life to the fullest. In the Big Brother Naija House, Cyph will let loose and find his rhythm. Do you believe he can represent the tech guys?


3 8

Taking the bull by the horns, our sixth Big Brother Naija Level Up Housemate is a medical practitioner.


3 11

He is the first married member of our Big Brother Naija Level Up house, and he values his family above anything else. Kess’ wife handed him a pass, so he is free to enjoy himself as much as he likes. Would you, ladies, grant your man a pass so he could watch Big Brother Nigeria?https://entstuff.com.ng


3 13

The poet who lives in our Big Brother Naija Level Up house eight may also be sensitive and petty. According to Daniella, the Big Brother Naija Level Up Housemate is receiving love and light from her.


3 14


Pharmsavi claims he will infuse the Big Brother Naija Level Up House with confidence and comedy.


3 15

The short-tempered personality who is our 10th Big Brother Naija Level Up Housemate claims she is here to change things. Phyna claims to bring drama, drama, and ginger to the Big Brother Naija House in addition to the fact that she is allergic to malice.



According to our upcoming Big Brother Naija housemate, he has an irritating streak. He is more obnoxious than that, too. Additionally bringing BIG energy to the Big Brother Naija house for season 7, is Bryann.

Christy O

3 9

She makes the same claim as our final Big Brother Naija Level Up Housemate tonight, but she does it with a hint of sarcasm. Christy O is focused on the goal. She also has big plans for the House to leverage her talent for sarcasm.


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